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I think everyone that has had Silkworms thinks a timelapse will be cool, and I have done one in the past a few years back, but this week ramped it up with controlled lighting. Original footage is shot in 4K and looks amazing. My first run was a traditional timelapse taking a photo every 10 seconds, but I soon realised that when hungry the silkworms can move around a fair bit so decided to just shoot straight video and then speed it up. 64 gig of Video at 4K which took around 1hr 20 mins and then sped up/ compressed time to just over 2 minutes.

There have been many Day on the Green events in the past that I’ve wanted to go to but the timing was bad, but when I heard one of my favourite bands from the mid 80s was back together to play some shows I thought I’d better get to one. Not only was there Hunters and Collectors but also 3 other bands I like, British India, Something for Kate and You am I.

The weather was fine and not too hot so we headed down only to hit a traffic jam at McLaren vale. It was slow but steady for the last few kms which took about 30 minutes but finally we got into the car park paddock just prior to British India starting.

I’ve seen British India a few times in the last couple of years and have been very impressed with their live performances. All those shows though were at night to a crowd that was there to see them as headliners. Whilst their songs were tight the sound mix was dreadfull with muddy bass and wierd phasing happening through the speakers. We were near the mixing desk but there was a set of speakers suspended pretty close to where we were up mid paddock which I’m guessing was responsible. It was a solid set but not jaw dropping.

Next up was Something for Kate whom I’ve only seen once before and that was many years ago. Solid set from them also but they also suffered bad audio. I should add here that to get anywhere near the stage you had to buy pricier tickets – Gold and Platinum and there seemed to be quite a few vacant seats in this area. There were also empty areas behind this fenced off front of stage area that I went to but was told I couldn’t stand there. Had to go back behind the painted line. Not sure what the purpose was of the vacant area ?

We ended up relocating to the other side of the stage for You am I. The sound on the other side was a bit better, not as Muddy and you could see the stage better as well as one of the big screens. The one thing that I noticed was unlike other concerts where the main beverage being drunk is Beer, Cider and Spirits in a can, the choice at Day on the Green was unsurprisingly Wine and it wasn’t too overpriced at $25 for most of the bottles and $35 for the premium Leconfield Red

I was thankful when Hunters and Collectors came on that the sound issues seem to be resolved. Not sure if they had a different Mixer operating the desk but it was definitely 100% better than the previous 3 bands. I didnt get many photos and only a handful of video snippets but here is the only H&C song that I captured in all its glory with my old Point and Shoot Camera