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The weather didn’t cool down on Sunday so we delayed getting down to Botanic park by a few hours arriving just after 2pm.

Caught part of Mia Dysons set on the Stage 3 then headed off to Stage 1 to watch

Alim Qasimov Ensemble which was much more listening music than dancing which is a good thing in the middle of the day with full sun and 35 degree + heat.
Then off to Stage 3 again to watch the start of the set by Psarantonis which was also quite a laid back performance. I couldn’t stay for the whole set as it clashed with another band that was only doing a single performance so off to the Moreton bay stage for Golonka. This grassy area in front of this stage was popular and quite shaded.
Soweto Gospel Choir then took to Stage 1 in the most colourful atire of any of the weekend performers with great singing voices. I stayed for the whole set at the end trying to decide whether to catch Novalima or The Correspondants. Most of the photographers were going to the Correspondants even though it was just 2 guys on stage. I decided I would try and fit in both !!
Novalima first up and their sound was great but the photo ops were limited but a quite cluttered stage so after a few songs I fast walked to Stage 2 and managed to get into the pit area for only about 1 minute before being kicked out ( 3 song rule ). I wish I had been there for the start as photographically the lead singer of the Correspondants was full of movement and excitement. He must have been REALLY hot doing all the dancing he did with the full force of the sun bearing down on him which you get on stage 2 late afternoon.
Back to stage 1 then for Salif Keita whom I have seen at previous Womadelaide evens and he doesn’t disappoint. Next on to Tim Rogers and the Bamboos on Stage 2 with both Tim and the Bamboos being well respected as separate performers but together they worked really well. A definite chemistry at work.
Finally another performer that has been at Womad previously – Jimmy Cliff. I’d like to have the energy and enthusiasm that he does at his age as he twirled around the stage kicking his legs up. There were some things he performed that I didnt like such as his “partidge family” song that he told us was screened as a superbowl commercial and had so many million hits << I didnt care…. I want to hear his songs. The whole family was pretty tired so didn’t stay for the encore which I was told was pretty awesome but we heard quite a bit as we walked back to the car to end Day 3

Womadelaide 2013 see the return of Swedish artist ” The Tallest man on Earth” who also played in Adelaide in 2011 as part of the Womadelaide Earth Festival held in Belair National Park. I loved his set he played then although one couldn’t avoid the discussion after the gig that he was very similar style to Bob Dylan. I’ll let you decide with this small snippet from the show.

He can be Seen in Botanic park at Womadelaide 2013 on the Friday evening