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Great show with Jodi and Trish in great vocal form and the rest of the band smashing out the rhythm and Chords. Dont forget to subscribe to my Youtube channel for regular updates


One of the first concerts I ever went to was Midnight oil, playing at Memorial Drive in Adelaide back in 1984. I was a massive fan of the early stuff but their albums fell out of favour in my mind after they release Red Sails in the Sunset. When I heard they were reforming for the World Circle Tour I was excited followed by Disappointment that they were playing at “Adelaide Oval”. The Oval itself is very bad acoustically due to the large sound reflective Grandstands so I hesitated when tickets went on sale. It wasn’t till a little later I found they weren’t actually playing inside the oval but Adjacent to it ( Right next to Memorial Drive where I had seen them 30+ years prior ). By then it was too late and the show was sold out.

With a few days to go I put out feelers to see if anyone had purchased a ticket was now unable to go and thankfully I found someone local and bought their ticket. So glad I went as was an amazing show. There were only a couple of songs they played that I wasn’t overly familiar with being from Newer albums but plenty of older stuff that I knew every word to. Great night and I captured some short snippets of Video from some of the songs played


Here it is – Enjoy


Ive been asking friends who they are looking forward to see at Womadelaide. For many people the answer is Monday nights main stage performance by The Specials. They came to Adelaide for the first time in 2012, so they must have enjoyed the experience.  If you love Ska and have your dancing shoes on make sure you catch them.

Here is some snippets from their Thebarton theatre show in 2012

Well one day down and three to go. The opening act on Stage one ( ICS Stage ) after the Kuarna welcome was Mokoomba who performed catchy tunes to a crowd that was still pouring in after the working week. Next up I managed to catch Bulka – Wow what a unique voice. I stayed for most of her set but did pop out to check out a young local AUS act Sitara briefly playing on the Moreton Bay stage.

The highlight for me was Hanggai with their lead singer trying to look “impersonate Meatloaf” but in his own unique style with Frontless leather top. I think pictures speak 1000 words here.


It was a mic of traditional instruments and Western and it just worked. I then trundled down to see Neko Case on stage 3. I have only seen her previously when she toured with The New Pornographers, a band that she has been heavily involved with. It was a good solid show but I didnt know much of her material which didnt help.

Fat Freddys drop was the last act on the ICS stage. I found thew sound mix excessively bassy but then again that appears to be their style and it was lapped up by the generally younger crowd up front. Headed hope after an hour of them to catch some sleep and prepare for the first full day – Saturday

See the whole gallery HERE >> CLICK

There have been many Day on the Green events in the past that I’ve wanted to go to but the timing was bad, but when I heard one of my favourite bands from the mid 80s was back together to play some shows I thought I’d better get to one. Not only was there Hunters and Collectors but also 3 other bands I like, British India, Something for Kate and You am I.

The weather was fine and not too hot so we headed down only to hit a traffic jam at McLaren vale. It was slow but steady for the last few kms which took about 30 minutes but finally we got into the car park paddock just prior to British India starting.

I’ve seen British India a few times in the last couple of years and have been very impressed with their live performances. All those shows though were at night to a crowd that was there to see them as headliners. Whilst their songs were tight the sound mix was dreadfull with muddy bass and wierd phasing happening through the speakers. We were near the mixing desk but there was a set of speakers suspended pretty close to where we were up mid paddock which I’m guessing was responsible. It was a solid set but not jaw dropping.

Next up was Something for Kate whom I’ve only seen once before and that was many years ago. Solid set from them also but they also suffered bad audio. I should add here that to get anywhere near the stage you had to buy pricier tickets – Gold and Platinum and there seemed to be quite a few vacant seats in this area. There were also empty areas behind this fenced off front of stage area that I went to but was told I couldn’t stand there. Had to go back behind the painted line. Not sure what the purpose was of the vacant area ?

We ended up relocating to the other side of the stage for You am I. The sound on the other side was a bit better, not as Muddy and you could see the stage better as well as one of the big screens. The one thing that I noticed was unlike other concerts where the main beverage being drunk is Beer, Cider and Spirits in a can, the choice at Day on the Green was unsurprisingly Wine and it wasn’t too overpriced at $25 for most of the bottles and $35 for the premium Leconfield Red

I was thankful when Hunters and Collectors came on that the sound issues seem to be resolved. Not sure if they had a different Mixer operating the desk but it was definitely 100% better than the previous 3 bands. I didnt get many photos and only a handful of video snippets but here is the only H&C song that I captured in all its glory with my old Point and Shoot Camera

Womadelaide 2013 see the return of Swedish artist ” The Tallest man on Earth” who also played in Adelaide in 2011 as part of the Womadelaide Earth Festival held in Belair National Park. I loved his set he played then although one couldn’t avoid the discussion after the gig that he was very similar style to Bob Dylan. I’ll let you decide with this small snippet from the show.

He can be Seen in Botanic park at Womadelaide 2013 on the Friday evening


I’ve been to plenty of Festivals in my time with the main Multiday festival that I attend annually being Womadelaide. I’ve always wished that Womadelaide could be an event that you could camp at as lugging low back chairs/eskys/ Sun shelters/rugs etc back and forth each day from wherever you managed to get a park can be VERY tiring.

Once I realised that the Falls Festival in Tassie coincided with me being present in Tasmania It didn’t take much to decide attend my first camping music festival. I’m sure its going to be an awesome experience and I’m looking forward to bringing you some quality photos from the event.

There is a solid line up of performers at this years event with Interpol, The National and Joan Jett and the blackhearts as some of the headliners plus lots of other great local and international bands. I’m not going to list them all as you can easily check them all out at the Falls Festival Website .

I’m currently looking at the Bios of a handfull of performers and artists that I wasnt that knowledgable on to acquaint myself with some of their work and finding some Gems.

Tickets are still available for the Marion Bay show so what are you waiting for ?


EDIT: Provisional Program is now up on the Falls Festival main page

Lorne – Provisional Play times

Marion Bay – Provisional Play times