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Womadelaide 2022

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This year marks the 30 year anniversary for Womadelaide and returns to Botanic park in Adelaide after a cutdown 3 day, evening only set of performances on a single stage in King Rodney Park in Covid affected 2021.

The full lineup of artists performing can be found at and back to multiple stages over the 4 days.

Like all Womadelaide events there are always suprises and performances from artists you know very little about. Then there are some that you know a LOT about such as the Cat empire who return yet again to grace the stage at Botanic park as part of their farewell tour.

Contrasting the sound of the cat empire 2022 also sees the return of the hard hitting sounds of AB Original who performed last at Womadelaide in 2017 ( although one half – Briggs performed in 2020 ).

We also see the return of another indigenous artist – Baker boy who absolutely blew away the crowd with his rapping in his native language back playing “Marryuna” in 2018. It was an amazing performance and I highly reccomend those attending to fit his show in.

Then there are some newcomers to the Womadelaide stage but not new to other music festivals and gigs. The award winning sounds of Australian singer/songwriter Courtney Barnett. I caught her at Laneway festival back in 2015 when she was in the early stages of her career

Also returning to the Womadelaide is HipHop artist L Fresh the Lion who was last at Womad in 2017 and had the crowd moving.

This is only a small selection of images from my own archives. You can find many other images from Womadelaide over the last 15 years up at

Tickets for this years event can be found here but dont leave it too late as crowd numbers will be more limited due to Covid restrictions so get in early for 4 days of musical bliss. Dont forget if you have kids under 12 they have free entry with accompanying parents

There are also a great selection of speakers taking part in the planet talks. I’m yet to work out which ones I can fit in but super keen to hear Bruce Pascoe. The full list of speakers is

The Annual Womadelaide Music arts and Dance is rapidly approaching over the 4 days Friday 6th March until Monday 9th March at Botanic park in Adelaide. There is always a healthy mix of performers, some more mainstream and others maybe not so well known, but you are guaranteed to always have a good experience given the diversity.

I am fortunate enough to have been covering Womadelaide for Craftypics Media since 2008 which was the last time Mavis Staples played at Womad. Hard to believe it was 10 years ago but it was a memorable performance from the Grammy award winner.


Another performer who hasnt previously played Womadelaide but did represent Australia at Eurovision is Kate Miller Heidke. I have seen her perform thrice at the Gov in 2008, 2009 and 2012 and her vocal range and delivery is nothing short of breathtaking


The Cat Empire are also back in 2020. They seem to make a regular appearance at Womadelaide over the years. I’d go as far as to say they have played more Womadelaide events than any other band ?. Ive captured them at both Womadelaide over the years and at Thebarton Theatre


Then of course there is the Myriad of other artists that I need to listen to prior to March so that I can plan which stages to get to. For the Full Lineup in 2020 check out the Womadelaide 2020 Website

To see more photos of Womadelaide over the years as well as other Music performance photos check out Craftypics


Womadelaide 2019 is not far away now so heres a short preview of some of the artists I have had the pleasure to see and capture previously. John Butler Trio last performed at Womadelaide in 2008 and the show was quite mesmerising. It is the first time I had seen JBT

John Butler Trio


TKay Maidza is an Australian Hip Hop artist who although small in stature has a super powerful voice and stage presence. I caught her early on in her career at Laneway Festival in 2015 and looking forward to seeing her again at Womadelaide 2019.

You can see more images of Tkay here

The Bamboos are also playing this year at Womad with their infectious danceable funk/soul music with Kylie Auldist belting out powerful vocals with Lance Ferguson on lead and a fantastic backing band to round off the sound. See more images of the Bamboos playing at the Gov here

and of course returning after performing at Womad in 2015 is the visual spectacle that is The Colour of time. Expect to end up with some colour on your clothes/face if you watch this amazing performance as Powder “bombs” are set off.


This is only a handful of the acts playing at Womadelaide 2019.

Don’t forget that Kids under 12 are free with an accompanying paying Adult.

Find the Full Lineup and Ticketing options from the official Womadelaide site

For more images from past Womadelaide events check out the fantastic collection of images up at Craftypics


With Womadelaide 2018 less than 8 weeks away ( 9th-12th March 2018 ) its time to put the spotlight on the event and some of the many International and Local artists that will be gracing the Stage.

If you are a regular Womadelaide patron, you are probably aware that Tinariwen have previously played at Womadelaide twice previously with the most recent performance here in 2012. Due to conflict in Mali, 2 of the band members were unable to make the trip. Well its now 6 years later and they are heading back to Adelaide. When I first saw them I was blown away by the driving hypnotic beats with Guitars and vocals cutting through the air whilst all the time fully dressed in the attire they wear in the Deserts of Mali. They are often described as playing Desert Blues and are sure to be one of the many highlights at this years festival.

To See the full Womadelaide 2018 Lineup head over to

Checkout some short clips from their Womadelaide 2012 performance


Womadelaide 2012 – Tinariwen



Womadelaide 2016

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With a Month to go until Womadelaide 2017 we take a look back at some of the acts to grace the stage at Womadelaide 2016

Womadelaide 2015

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Not long now until Womadelaide 2015 starts. This Iconic music festival runs from the night of Friday 6th to Monday 9th March 2015 at Botanic park – Adelaide. Its a great location to spend 3 days and 4 nights listening to some of the worlds best music, watching dance and just having a great time. Very family friendly with kids 12 and under FREE with a paying Adult. Full details and artists performing can be found on their website – WOMADELAIDE

What I really love about Womadelaide is experiencing and being exposed to Music and dance that I otherwise would never have even heard of or seen and this year is no exception.

Midfestival is no time for a full writeup but here is a list of some of the acts Ive so far enjoyed seeing

From Fridays sessions

  • The Alaev Family
  • Bassekou Kouyaté & Ngoni Ba
I didnt have a chance to stay and see the Cat empire although reports from others said it was a great show they put on.
Saturday – we got there early before the first band even started
An early highlight was

  • Mari Boine who originates from Norway – what a voice. Some really haunting inflections
  • Circolumbia – this was listed as a Mystery Surprise and indeed it was. Performing amazing acrobatic stunts with singing and Drama/tension between the warring gangs made a hugely entertaining show that had everyone on their feet. Do perform with the energy they did in the middle of a hot and humid 35 degree today would have been exhausting
  • Dhafer Youssef – renowned for his Oud playing as well as his voice he didnt dissapoint.
  • Vieux Farka Touré – I felt he started off a bit slow but the pace picked up and I ended up hearing most of his set
  • Antibalas – Listened to these guys whilst having tea
  • Nidi d’Arac – Sparse stage but great night lighting for their set. So many photos of the Violinist whom I thought was key to their sound. Big thumbs up for this one
  • Compagnie Luc Amoros  “Blank Page” – I’d heard good reports from the Friday session so I went prepared to sit down and watch the whole show. Extremely clever and entertaining although a touch heavy at times, but that is their message. I’m not going to spoil it for anyone but if you havent already seen it get early , get a good seat and watch it on Monday evening – just WOW
  • Hugh Masekela – He might be gettiing old but he hasn’t lost it.  Top performance from this South African Trumpet player.
The Full Gallerys for each day can be found here.. CLICK

Nid d’Arac

Hugh Masekela

Only a Brief update today as I’m running late and need to head back for the final day so I’ll update this post tomorrow.

Got to the event on Saturday nice and early although I’ll have to say that one of the officials at the Belair Station bus pickup area wasn’t being overly helpful, advising the people waiting that he wouldn’t call for another bus until the next train came in  which was 25 mins away. This seemed ludicrous given there were already a handful of people there and more arriving by car and parking near the station all the time. Thankfully a Bus turned up soon after with the bus driver telling us he had been given a schedule but was ignoring it so that people could be picked up. I didn’t get the drivers name but BIG thumbs up to the City of Mitcham bus driver as he drove us to the earthstation entrance with what was almost a full bus ( only 3 seats left ).

Not enough time to do a full band writeup today but honourable mentions to  the Audreys and the Shanghai Chinese Orchestra but I have to say the absolute highlight of the festival so far was the performance by Zakir Hussain and the masters of percussion – absolutely breathtaking percussive rthymns. I’m going to take some extra cash today to pick up a CD. Another big plus to the last act of the night and really the only band I’ve seen that had everyone up on their feet and that was Mista Savona with their blend of Reggae and Ska. They started soon after 9pm on the Karka stage. I left at 10pm and they were cranking up the tempo.

Would have loved to stay but I was feeling pretty bushed after being there for 10 hours and needed to get home to go through the photos and replenish both the camera and my own batteries.

Photos of Saturday at Earthstation 2011

The first full day at Womad so a lot more packing in the morning including chairs and food. We arrived fairly early and caught the end of the Creole Choir of Cuba who were really good. I would have liked to have seen more of their performance. I then headed to see the Whitireia performing arts group and despite them only in part costume due to some delays in getting their gear to Adelaide they put on a great performance – marked these guys down to see again in a few days time. Company Ekart were still around with the Giant Chicken o I followed them around for a bit including a visit to the Police Caravan.

Onwards to stage One for Asa who put on a solid performance at the time of the day it was starting to get quite warm. I left before the end to catch the end of the Shaolin Afronauts who despite the name are a local Adelaide band I’ve heard of but never seen. They look like a band worth catching again in the future. 3pm saw the return to stage 2 for ScrapArt Music which is predominantly percussion made from Scrap steel. Great spirited performance and the instruments looked really good and quite unique.

17 Hippies were next on stage 1 and whilst there werent 17 of them it was an interesting mix of tunes.  Yasar Alpence HARAM’DE was next up who were musically very good, but not that great to photograph. Martha Wainwright was next and being a seated show meant that for the most part the photographers stayed pretty low also. With Martha wearing a shortish skirt she made a comment that the photographers were shooting up her dress. With the stage so high there is not a lot of options.

Headed down to stage 3 for Irish Singer Imelda May. She was great and one of my new found artists that I previously knew nothing about. Onto stage 1 next to see Fefe – WOW what energy they had. A definite highlight of the day with the lead singer going into the crowd during one the songs. This band had the crowd absolutely pumping. At 9pm I wound down seeing Leigh Warren and Dancers . It was a seated show but we were allowed to shoot from the front of stage which was the perfect height to rest the camera on the stage. Lighting started off fairly low and was difficult to shoot but got some great shots never the less. I caught the end of  Tanya Tagaq who had an unusual style of throat singing. I’m not sure I’d be rushing out and buying a recording but it was very different.

Final performance of the night was Amadou and Mariam. I had seen these two briefly during the media Launch but now they were on stage with the full band and dressed to impress and impress they did. Some great Rythmns were pumped out and a great way to end the first full day


Womadelaide 2011

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March in Adelaide is a Crazy time for events and one of these is a must attend for any serious Music fan. It’s a chance to experience a whole range of diverse Music and Cultures from Various parts of the World. The Lineup for this years festival has been out for a month or so now and is pretty impressive

Of course the highlight for some people including me is the return of Afro Celt Sound System who last played at Womad in 2001 ( Yep thats 10 years ago ). They were mind blowing back then and I’m sure they will be just as great in 2011.

Check out the full lineup at the Official Womadelaide Website

Earlybird pricing for 3 and 4 day tickets closes soon ( 1st Dec ) so hurry up if you want to save some Cash

The Provisional play times for Artists has just been added in the unlikely event that you cant attend all 4 days but hoping to catch a particular artist