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Amanda Palmer is an interesting person. Most of the Public either seem to  1) Love her work  or 2) Never heard of  her.

The Tickets to the Dresden Dolls surged as the show approached so I was too late to catch the main show, but Amanda Palmer seems to make quite a habit in Adelaide of Playing Free Ninja Shows. So I checked her website on the day prior to her Adelaide show and sure enough there was a Ninja show in the Early Afternoon at the New Tuxedo Cats.

The show was scheduled for 3pm so I got down there about 2:30pm and there was already a line out to Gawler Place. The Doors opened just before 3 and people shuffled in. The venue is still very much a work in progress with construction going on all around. The stage for the show was apparently just assembled a few days earlier. The lighting was sparse amd the backdrop a Reddish curtain.

Amandas show are hard to explain so probably the Video and some photos might make it clearer

Warning : Some language and Adult themes in her Music

Some Photos from the event can be found HERE