Friday – Womadelaide 2009 photos and Review

Posted: March 11, 2009 in Uncategorized
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Well Womadelaide is over for another year.

First up let me give thanks to the weather gods who were smiling this year upon Adelaide.  Unlike last year of 42 degree days this year was a Nice and mild mid 20 degrees on all 3 days. A hint of some showers on Saturday morning never really eventuated.

Managed to get a away from work a bit early on Friday to get home pack the camera and head down for the official opening.  After the Aboriginal thanks for the use of their land and some dancing the first of the International Bands kicked off with the Bedouin Jerry Can band .

Next up I caught a rather “strange” collection of artists known as Aaron Choulai, VADA & the Tatana Village Choir. It was a mix of music from many cultures with a very Colourfull Choir wearing predominantly Red/Black costumes. The “Conductor” I guess is the most appropriate word maintained the Choir and played Piano as well.

Back onto the main stage I caught the opening few songs of Natacha Atlas. Whilst she is a renowned vocalist I couldn’t really get inspired as she sat down and sang. Maybe I didnt give it enough time but I left her perfomance and caught the end of the Andi and George band who had the Zoo stage pumping.

Back onto stage 2 for the Australian Dance theatre. These guys and ladies really did a fantastic routine that was pretty amazing to watch. They hurled their bodies around the stage wearing just the essential clothing to prevent being arrested for exposure. It was a sit down show for the audience but an amazing sight. I’d already decided to catch them again the next night.

The main band for the night was Ska Cubano who had a very energtic and Charismatic Front man who strutted around the stage and invoked the audience to sing and dance. The Backing band was great and a very solid performance.

The night was almost over but I decided to catch Sa Dingding from China. Amazing costumes and some haunting singing ( although a few people have indictaed to me that some of it was pretaped and they picked up some mimimg ? ).

That was Friday Night over and time to get home / upload the photos and prepare for the first FULL day at Womad. Photos from Friday up here

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