WOMADelaide 2011 Friday

Posted: March 10, 2011 in Uncategorized

Womadelaide has to be one of the most enjoyable experiences musically which is what draws me back year after year. Listening and watching acts that you don’t know that much about and coming away thinking Wow.. why have I never heard of these guys.

Friday Night – After the traditional welcome from the aboriginal Community the first act up on Stage one was Rango who were very energetic and colourfully dressed. Next up on stage 2 was Hanggai- a group from China. Hanggai would have to be one of my Friday highlights. Angas and Julia Stone were next up on stage one and as expected a large crowd gathered with the ratio of females to males at the front of stage approximately 99:1

After a bit to eat I headed to stage 2 to see Nathalie Natiembe which was an entertaining show and had some great lighting that I positioned myself to take advantage of. I left partway through to take a quick look at Rhombus and just caught the end of their set. Back to stage 1 then to catch my final Act of the night Horace Andy  and Dub Asante.



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