Womad Earth Station

Posted: September 6, 2011 in Uncategorized

The Lineup and Schedule for Womad Earth Station in Adelaide has been announced. The Event is aimed around sustainability and envirnmental issues and will be held at Long Gully at Belair National Park

Looking forward to seeing both the bands and the speakers that will be attending. This is the first year it has been run so it will be interesting to see how the format pans out. There’s a great lineup of artists with many of them familiar to the regular Womad crowd as well as some big names that as far as I know havent performed at a Womad event in Adelaide


The proposed schedule looks pretty good with plenty of stuff to do on all three days and tickets are available for single days ot the whole weekend. There is also limited camping spots available but fortunately for me I live very close by and could even walk there if I was fitter. Hoping to bring you all Photos from the event if the media accreditation gets approved.

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