Womadelaide Earth Station

Posted: October 20, 2011 in Uncategorized

Only 1 more sleep to go until Womad Earth station kicks off. Unfortunately my request to get site access to get some timelapse of the stages being set up was ignored but never the less I’ll be there from tommorow capturing some still images of the event to share. I’ll try again next year with a request for site access for some timelapse footage.

Fridays music lineup is highlighted by the Kronos Quarter performing Sun Rings. Other live performances on Friday are by  Frank Yamma & David Bridie as well as Vika and Linda Bull. Should have the first photos up Saturday morning

I pulled my bike out of the shed and went for a Ride to the Earthstation site at lunchtime. Looking good and the location is nice and green with the recent rains. Some photos of the site taken today 20th October are up HERE

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