Adelaide Zombie walk 2014

Posted: October 14, 2014 in Uncategorized

Ive been photographing the Adelaide Zombie walk since 2008 as well as Videoing part of the walk the last few years. This year as one of the Official Zombie walk shooters I decided just to do Video. Unfortunately the Camera I was going to use the 4k GH4 was still in for repair so I had to make do with a Canon 70D. Shooting video really is a lot more work both shooting and then editing but with the rest of the crew shooting stills it’s good to have someone concentrate on video.

The main problem I had with editing was the shear amount of footage given the huge size of the walk and many participants. Previous years I have ruthlessly edited and just left in footage of a handfull of walkers predominantly, but this year I wanted to add more footage of as many walkers as possible.

For starters I spoke to both the bands that played at the afterparty and agreed to use a song from each of them for the video. Favour the Braves track is used for the Prewalk footage and the Massix track for the walk video. Even then there was way too many minutes of walking time.

What to do ???

Decided to speed up much of the footage as we know Zombies walk slow. First up was double speed ( 200% ), b ut that still left a lot of footage that wouldn’t fit. I ended up speeding up a lot of the walking to 300% and even 400% with a mix of normal speed footage interspersed to break it up. Sorry if you get “Tired” from the frantic nature of some segments, but I wanted to get as many participants in as I could.

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