Z Ward Glenside open day

Posted: November 2, 2014 in Uncategorized
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When I heard that the Z ward at Glenside which was used to house the criminally insane it went straight into the calendar. Unfortunately the new owners ( Beach Energy ) were only going allow the public to see inside it for 3 hours prior to it being redeveloped at Office accommodation.

Turned out that a lot of people in Adelaide did want to see inside it and I think they underestimated the interest. We got there prior to the 9am opening and there was already a long line which just grew and grew meaning a lot of people who lined up wouldn’t have even got in given they had a 11:30 cut off for people entering. It’s a shame there wasn’t people on hand to explain some of the workings. Maybe no one knows  ?  The fact that this building as long as others earmarked for sale are being sold off is rather sad for our states history and I’m sure future generations will wonder why they were sold off for short term financial gain.

Would have also been great if they left a few rooms with Beds / tables etc as the whole area felt very neglected and abandoned.


I did get photos of some great Textures. You can see the Full gallery of images HERE

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