Friday Night Womadelaide kicks off

Posted: March 7, 2015 in Uncategorized

Had another commitment earlier in the night so missed the first few acts at Womadelaide for the first time in about 10 years. Caught a bit of CW stoneking in the way in. Sounded like a pretty solid set. Headed over to Sharon Van Etten on stage 3 for a short look then headed off to get a bite to eat. Rufus Wainwright on the main stage was not the sort of act that Photographer get excited about and to be honest I was looking for some more upbeat tempos to start off my Womad Weekend so headed over to the zoo stage to watch a bit of Gordie MacKeeman & his rhythm boys which fitted the bill and had the crowd dancing.

The highlight of the night though would have to be Soil and “pimp” sessions on stage 2. This group had everything, stage presence, great musicianship and lots of photo ops especially with the energetic sax player.


I did also catch about 15 minutes of Live Live cinema which was interesting. The movie was projected at the rear and all the dialog was done in ADR fashion Live as well as the foley ( sound effects /footsteps etc ) and the band on stage played the music accompaniment. I think to fully appreciate I would have had to watch from the start

You can find the full gallery of Friday night photos up HERE



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