Adelaide International Guitar Festival

Posted: December 4, 2008 in Uncategorized

2008 marks the 2nd year that the Guitar Festival is being held in Adelaide. I managed to get photography access to 2 shows for

Saturday night I caught a classcial Guitar concert featuring Slava and Leonard Gregoryan accompanying the Adelaide Symphony Orchestra. We only had front of stage access for 5 minutes and it was a tough 5 minutes as the music they were playing was very quiet and delicate so the sound of a camera shutting opening broke through the silence like a Bomb going off. I ended up waiting for periods in the 5 minutes where the volume was a lot quiter with the string section firing up to cover the shutter sound.

There were 3 photographers present and we were allowed to continue to photograph from the rear of the festival theatre. Lucky I had my trusty 70-200mm F/2.8 with me

Wednesday night I was back at the festival theatre again for a performance called “bending the Blues”

First up on the bill was Fiona Boyes and her band. Hadn’t heard of Fiona before but it was a solid set of mainly original songs. Second up was the Backsliders who tonight had 3 members – Guitar , Drummer and Harp player. The Drummer is one of my favourite drummers from my younger days ( Rob Hirst from Midnight Oil ). The Backsliders played some pretty grungy Blues which I thoroughly enjoyed.

The highlight of the show was a set by Derek Trucks band. Derek is certainly not pretencious and most of his playing was back towards the rear of the stage and occasionally even out of the spotlight. He is a fine Slide guitar player though and really makes his guitar Sing. The band was very competitant also with Drummer, Bass and Percussion player from Fiji along with a vocalist and a keyboard player that also played the Flute for a few tracks

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