The End of 2008

Posted: January 12, 2009 in Uncategorized

Well since the last post it’s been hectic with the holiday silly season. I’ve been taking lots of photos but hadn’t been updating this blog.

Time to get back on track – First up I had a number of visits down to the city with my camera.

The first outing was to the “Stop the Clean Feed” protest. The Australian Government want to restrict “free speech”  and block/filter Internet access to certain sites that they deem to be offensive.

I’m all up for protecting our kids from some of the objectionable material on the Internet but they way they are going about it is absurd and just won’t work. It will give parents a false sense of security.

Some photos from the protest can be found here

Whilst in Town I took in some street photography as well, primarily in the Rundle Mall area.

I headed back into town a week later to meet up with another photographer that hangs out on the OCAU forums early one Sunday morning and captured some images around the CBD

Rundle Mall Pre Christmas

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