Tour Down Under Cycling Hits Adelaide

Posted: January 22, 2009 in Uncategorized

If you live in Adelaide one thing that I think everyone knows is that Lance Armstrong ( 7 times Tour De France winner ) in in Adelaide and out of retirement to race in this years Tour Down under.  The Race itself runs for 6 days from Tuesday 20th Jan up till Sunday 25th January.

on Sunday 18th January a preliminary event was held with all the Riders competing which was a street circuit around Adelaides Rymil Park . The weather was fine/hot and the Crowds were Huge ( estimated by the media at 130,000 ).


Lance Armstrong ended up in the middle of the pack finishing around 60th, with Australian Robbie McEwen winning the event ( Cancer Council Classic ). The event was also aimed at promoting Cancer Awareness which is one of Lance Armstrongs passions given his own fight with Cancer.


All the photos can be found in this gallery


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