Mid January update

Posted: January 22, 2009 in Uncategorized

Well the Christmas holidays are over, but it’s been pretty busy so far.

Having Adelaide Zoo Membership means frequent trips primarily to Adelaide zoo. We hadnt travelled down to Monarto Zoo ( about an hour out of Adelaide ) for about 4 months and we had a day with great weather so headed out of Adelaide.

Monarto is an open range zoo on a large expanse of land. There is a guided tour by Bus that takes you to see all the animals from the Bus, and then there is some options to stop off on a shuttle or walk to some of the viewing platforms. We saw some the New baby Girrafe that had been born there only a few weeks ago

We were especially intersted in getting to the African Painted dog / Lion viewing platform which only recently opened, so made sure we got there in time for the Feeding. The lions werent being Fed today unfortunately ( was their Off day ) but the African Hunting dogs were. Seeing a Pack of 40 of them running towards us when released from the other end of the paddock was a sight and sound experience.  One of the Alpha males had died a month or so back so the dogs were still fighting for domimance even though the food was plentiful


The Full Gallery including the African Painted Dogs is located in this gallery

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