Inaugral Video competition entry – Rogue worms

Posted: August 31, 2012 in Uncategorized

It’s so easy to procrastinate, so when I found out about the International Rode Video competition that was just about to close I made a commitment that I would get an entry in come rain or shine.

Those who found out early about it had 2 months to film and edit. I had one week.

First thing to do was to brainstorm ideas for a short 30 sec-2 min video that contained a Rode Microphone. There were no doubt going to be plenty of band/performer videos being entered so I needed something different. I needed something that could be shot and edited in the short time frame and given other commitments ( lectures, assignment and driving the kids around ) I finally had an idea.  With just 2 days to go I set up and shot the animation sequence in the afternoon and then late that evening asked my daughters to assist with playing the acting roles and voices. I did a rough edit that night and the final edit the following day.

It’s got plenty of room for improvement but at least I managed to get it done and submitted. Here’s hoping others like the video.

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