Moving Pictures ?

Posted: August 31, 2012 in Uncategorized

Always on the lookout for new challenges I started looking at expanding from Still Photography to Video when I got the 5DMk2. I soon realised it is a giant leap and whilst a background in Photography knowing about apertures, framing and lighting is beneficial, video adds a whole new range of issues to overcome and things to learn. It is 30 years ago I was started shooting Video and filmed a few weddings, but in those days it consisted of putting a large unwieldy camera that then hooked into a seperate VHS Tape deck. Cameras were mounted on a tripod and just left there. The footage wasn’t great quality and editing was difficult.

Thirty years later and good quality video production is affordable but you need more than just equipment. In 2011 I decided it would be beneficial to invest some time doing some more formal training. I headed back to life as a Full time student and enrolled at Adelaide College of the Arts in a “Film and television Production” course. A lot has been learnt so far, but this is only the start.

Every day I ask myself and my children

What did you learn today ?

If you don’t learn something new every single day you are being lazy.

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