Womadelaide 2014 -Day 1 Friday

Posted: March 8, 2014 in Uncategorized
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Well one day down and three to go. The opening act on Stage one ( ICS Stage ) after the Kuarna welcome was Mokoomba who performed catchy tunes to a crowd that was still pouring in after the working week. Next up I managed to catch Bulka – Wow what a unique voice. I stayed for most of her set but did pop out to check out a young local AUS act Sitara briefly playing on the Moreton Bay stage.

The highlight for me was Hanggai with their lead singer trying to look “impersonate Meatloaf” but in his own unique style with Frontless leather top. I think pictures speak 1000 words here.


It was a mic of traditional instruments and Western and it just worked. I then trundled down to see Neko Case on stage 3. I have only seen her previously when she toured with The New Pornographers, a band that she has been heavily involved with. It was a good solid show but I didnt know much of her material which didnt help.

Fat Freddys drop was the last act on the ICS stage. I found thew sound mix excessively bassy but then again that appears to be their style and it was lapped up by the generally younger crowd up front. Headed hope after an hour of them to catch some sleep and prepare for the first full day – Saturday

See the whole gallery HERE >> CLICK

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