Mid Coast Meltdown

Posted: April 9, 2014 in Uncategorized

This gig had a pretty good lineup of local Adelaide bands – some new some old originally, but then came the news that one of Adelaides Popular bands from the 90s was also joining the lineup – The Clowns of Decadence. The last time I saw them was in the early 90s and they put on quite a show.

I wasnt there to take photos or video and the Point and shoot camera I used for the video  ( Pansonic TZ40 ) I literally received the day before so I hadnt even had a chance to read the manual. The footage I got turned out OK but I wouldnt use it for any serious band coverage in particular the lack of Manual focus options and you can see the autofocus hunt a bit in a few clips. That said the Tz40 did a pretty good job and replaces my now 5 year old TZ7 which I used for band clips ( primarily because it has reasonable onboard audio in loud environments ).

I got to the gig fairly late just before it sold out so was lucky given its about a 40 minute drive from my place. Another one of “vintage bands” I used to see 20 years ago was The Bearded clams – They sounded really tight, but I couldnt stay for the wwole set as I had to get a position near the front for the clowns

Full gallery for the bearded clams Click HERE

Although not the type of music I normally listen to I also caught a bit of Se Bon Ki Ra. They were really tight also

Full Gallery for Se Bon Ki Ra Click HERE


and of Course the Clowns of Decadence. I only had a single Wide angle lens with me on the night and I wasnt planning on too many photos. Really wanted to test out the other camera for video.

Full Gallery Click HERE



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