Womadelaide 2020 – Ifriqiyya Electrique

Posted: March 12, 2020 in Uncategorized

There were a LOT of bands that I managed to see some of at Womadelaide, but a few stood out that were memorable and the first one to go into more depth was Ifriqiyya Electrique.  I saw the first part of their Saturday set during the daytime on stage 3 and the description in the program which I don’t always agree with was pretty well spot on. The Sound is Heavy and Hypnotic with lots of Chanting and the stage presence of all 4 members is very photogenic. The weather was heating up but the guitarist was still sporting a black scarf draped over his Black jacket. Acoustically the music is assaulting to the senses. It is heavy, grinding, pumping and almost hypnotic and when I saw they had a set on Monday night also I locked it in.

Combining their sound with background images of Refugees/ poverty and other confronting topics worked superbly and ended up being one of my Festival highlights

Check out all the images up here https://www.craftypics.com/Music/Womadelaide-2020/Womadelaide-2020-Monday





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