Sirui Anamorphic test

Posted: May 3, 2020 in Uncategorized

An interesting lens release from Sirui who are better known for their tripods and Monopods. The 50mm Anamorphic F/1.8 was announced late 2019 and was run on an Indiegogo platform. Sub $1000 for an Anamorphic piqued my interest. With the Corona Virus kicking off in China the manufacturing was delayed and delivery dates were pushed back. So after ordering really early January the lens finally turned up Mid April.

Solid build construction and Smooth Aperture ring. I was keen to try it out. Headed into town at dusk with just the lens and a pretty basic tripod and captured some footage. Here it is – no grading done to it -> straight out of camera. I really need to get into the practice of writing down F stops used as that info is not recorded in EXIF obviously. More testing and comments coming in the next few days

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