Midnight Oil – Womadelaide 2021

Posted: March 7, 2021 in Uncategorized

Womadelaide 2021 was a very different affair due to Covid and looked for a while that nothing would be proceeding, but then the announcement that just Australian Acts would be playing on just a single stage for Dusk/nightime concerts.

Not really WOMAD as we know and love and more in name and the timing of the shows. Photography passes would be very limited due to a single stage and this year is the first year I have not been there on Media duties, but instead as a general Punter.

Midnight Oil were always going to be a big drawcard as one of Australias premiere live artists and one of my own favourites and Saturday performance promised an older ( hits ) selection rather than the newer Makarata project tracks which are to be highlighted at the final night at Womad on Monday 9th March.

Here is a small selection of clips from Saturdays songs. They are only snippets and no I dont have additional footage as I was there to enjoy the show, but I do like a visual and audio memory of concerts I attend so enjoy

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